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Tooth Extraction in Simi Valley

Our team at Dental Center of Simi Valley is dedicated to keeping your teeth strong, healthy, and beautiful for a life time. However, in some circumstances, a dental extraction—or the removal of a tooth—may be the best option for restoring your smile to its optimal health and appearance. While our careful dentist works hard to maintain your natural teeth, they may recommend either a simple or surgical extraction for the following reasons:

  • A tooth that has been severely damaged by injury or infection
  • A tooth that is stuck in the jawbone
  • Crowding

Depending on your unique needs, Dr. Hart may recommend either a simple or surgical extraction. A simple extraction is performed when the tooth is above the gum line. It can be used if the root of a tooth has died, or if a mouth is overly crowded. The area affected by a simple tooth extraction usually heals quickly. A surgical extraction is more complicated, and may be recommended if your tooth is broken beneath the gums or impacted (stuck beneath the gums). If you have any questions about tooth extractions in Simi Valley, California, we invite you to contact us or schedule an appointment today.

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