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Dental Implants in Simi Valley Can Boost Your Oral and Overall Health

Dental Implants Can Boost Your Oral and Overall Health

Dental Implants in Simi Valley Can Boost Your Oral and Overall Health

Tooth loss is not something that most people expect to happen to them once they have replaced all of their primary teeth with permanent teeth. This expectation is natural, and you deserve to have a full smile of healthy teeth to last you throughout your lifetime. The fact is, tooth loss is far less common today than it was just before the 1900s, when not just tooth loss, but complete toothlessness, affected approximately half of all adults.

While current-day knowledge is beneficial, statistics do show that we are not out of the woods when it comes to tooth loss. There are still steps that should be taken to preserve natural teeth, and steps that should be taken if a tooth - or several - go missing.

Consequences of Tooth Loss

The immediate consequence of tooth loss that most people recognize is the obvious gap in between other teeth. This gap can attract bacteria and debris, and may also allow shifting to occur in surrounding teeth. These are important concerns. However, it is the bone that may suffer the most when teeth are not replaced; or, rather, their roots.

Teeth and bone tissue across the jaw are intimately connected throughout life. Bone supports teeth, and teeth stimulate the bone to continually regenerate. Think of it like this, bones behave in a similar manner to the muscles in your body. When you are active, y our muscles strengthen and grow. When you are not, they atrophy. The same thing happens to bone. For instance, if a bone is broken and casted, it will heal, but will lose density during the time of inactivity.

Without the stimulation that travels through teeth and their roots, the jawbone also loses density. It narrows and shortens over time. Ultimately, this deterioration affects facial contours, as well as speech.

How Dental Implants in Simi Valley can Support Good Health

One of the most important advances in dentistry has been the development of tiny cylindrical posts, called dental implants. We routinely use these fixtures in our Simi Valley office to help patients regain the structure needed for stable chewing, and for long-term oral health. With artificial roots in place, dietary changes do not become necessary. With teeth that stay put, as they are supposed to, confidence is not diminished.

We can help you address tooth loss with gentle and efficient technique. Call (805) 579-0600 for your consultation with our friendly team.

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