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Brighten Your Smile with Teeth Whitening Offered by Dentist in Simi Valley

Brighten Your Smile with Teeth Whitening Offered by Dentist in Simi Valley

Teeth Whitening Offered by Dentist in Simi Valley

At the Dental Center of Simi Valley, we understand how a dull and discolored smile can have an impact on your smile. Discoloration and staining can be a source of contention for many patients who visit their Simi Valley dentist. Dr. Harmik Hartounian encourages patients to learn about the way of achieving beautiful “pearly whites” with professional solutions.

Teeth whitening over-the-counter

While there are several whitening products available at the local drugstores in the oral health care aisle, many of these products are not nearly as strong as those available in our practice. Dr. Harmik Hartounian provides concentrated alternatives that provide amazing results in a shorter period of time. This is achieved with our in-office power whitening using the Zoom! professional whitening system.

How does Zoom! Whitening work?

Zoom! is a special method of brightening the smile with concentrated bleaching ingredients. The patients start with an initial cleaning of the teeth, removing plaque and tartar that could affect the results. Then, gels are administered onto the teeth and activated using a specialized light. Patients relax in the dental chair as our treatment works its magic on the teeth, lifting deep stains and reversing the dull and yellowing appearance. Once complete, another cleaning is performed and patients will reveal their brilliant new smile to the world!

Who is a candidate for Zoom! whitening?

Professional teeth whitening in Simi Valley is best performed on patients with a healthy smile free from restorations such as dental crowns, bridges, veneers, and composite resin bonding. This ensures all surfaces of the teeth are enhanced. Some patients who are serious about whitening their smile may want to consider replacing restorations to match.

Ready to brighten your smile?

If you are strongly considering the methods of addressing tooth discoloration and achieving beautiful, pearly white teeth, contact the team of the Dental Center of Simi Valley. Our front office team can connect you with Dr. Harmik Hartounian during an initial consultation appointment and evaluation to decide if professional whitening treatments are the best step for you! Call (805) 579-0600 today and visit the practice at 4210 East Los Angeles Ave. Unit F.

Location: 4210 East Los Angeles Ave. Unit F Simi Valley, CA 93063

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